About us

“It started from very humble beginnings and it gradually grew.” Ann Hutley

Peter Hutley (OBE) and Ann Hutley have transformed their stunning estate into the home of epic open-air performances about the life of Jesus.

Their very first Nativity started in a barn in 1989. Now their professional productions, with casts of hundreds, are seen by tens of thousands.

Their vision is to tell the story.

To book a visit to their stunning grounds for The Stations of The Cross call 01483 892167.

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Our Story


It all started with a small Christmas Nativity in Holly Barn in 1989 but within a few years it had grown to become a play involving a cast of 50 actors, a choir, musicians, sheep, donkeys and horses.

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Cast & crew

Many cast members take part in all the plays at Wintershall and have done so for many years. They come from all walks of life and the plays take up a large part in their lives.

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Tell the story

One of the aims of Wintershall is to ‘spread the Christian faith’ through religious dramas and in other ways. Would you like to help us spread the word?

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