The Passion of Jesus in Guildford

On Easter Saturday the Wintershall cast of players and animals moves to the High Street in Guildford, in their home county of Surrey. The play begins at the junction of High Street and Quarry Street.

The free 90-minute performances take place amongst shoppers in the home town of many of the cast and crew.   

Come and see the High Street transformed into the stage for one of the greatest stories ever told.

No tickets are required.  Parental guidance is advised. 


“Hugely impressive and so moving.”

“At times in the crowd you could hear a pin drop.”

“Perfect in every respect.”

“An awe-inspiring portrayal.”

“Very well done and my kids loved it.”

“Congratulations all-round from one very impressed onlooker.”

“Entirely professional.”

“An amazing experience.”

“It was just amazing.”

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